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A southern belle from the muddy waters of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Jade Denton's rhythm and blues driven Hip Hop sound is that unlike any other. With descriptive storytelling, witty, yet intricate lyrics encompassed by melodic beats , her thought provoking delivery and uncanny ability to bring reality to ears cements her well deserving place in the music realm. As she prepares for her debut project entitled 'MirrorStage', Jade ensures listeners an unparalleled experience of joys, fears, failures, and successes anyone can easily relate to. The concept behind 'MirrorStage' is self reflection, untainted by prejudice and idolism, only an image of what is put in front of it. "I'm being brutally honest and unihibited...creative expression at it's finest." Working exclusively with a handful of up and coming producers, Jade's music will definitely be a treat for listeners as she unfolds her journey through life and conveys it through her music. Enjoy.

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